A rich universe guided by the love of travel

Transversal, the brand explores every universe from fashion to decoration going through design. Travel is a continuous source of inspiration and has a substantial presence in all the collections which invite to discovery. At Bensimon, we talk about lifestyle, a certain vision of the daily art or living.

“Autour du Monde” is the trading name for our stores and “Home autour du monde” the one for our concept-stores.

Serge Bensimon combines art and color! He has an optimistic eye on fashion from more than 25 years. Minimalistic, feminine and elegant, the apparel lines sublimate silhouettes without neglecting comfort of soft and natural fabrics.

Bensimon, la parisienne

About us

The creativity according to Bensimon? To change without making a real change.
To do what we love with passion as a moto.

  • 1978

    The Iconic Bensimon Tennis Sneaker

    Who has never once worn a pair of Bensimon sneakers? Iconic and indispensable, it features in everybody’s story. It has become, over the years, the everyday “friend” and seduces all generations. It is part of French heritage and known as an emblem of Parisian fashion.

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  • 1986

    Our shops and concept-stores

    This trading name reflects the spirit of openness to the world, of a transversal space combining in a coherent way the worlds of fashion and design and a desire to meet other cultures, influences. Our 10 concept-stores worldwide do not follow any diktats and fit “a modern way of life”: lifestyle.

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  • 1989

    Artazart design book store

    The emblematic library of the famous Parisian Canal Saint Martin district, offers a premium selection of graphic, art and design books and items. Discover all events and signatures in accordance with last publications. In 2014, the library was mentioned by the Huffington Post as one of the top 10 best libraries in the world.

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  • 2009

    La Gallery S.Bensimon

    At the cross road of the beautiful, the responsible and the functional, Gallery S. Bensimon offers to the younger generation of designers and talents to express freely. It makes the Beautiful and the Rare available to the need of both architects and interior designers and to delight fans and collectors.

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BENSIMON : Our history

Bensimon is a family story! The brand conveys its values and DNA from generation to generation: the spirit of sharing, of openness to the world, of a colorful vision of life, of passion for unique pieces and timeless products.

Carrying these values, the company, embodied by two brothers, Serge and Yves Bensimon is constantly guided by encounters, passion and interaction. Honest, human, modest and kindhearted, Bensimon believes in the future with confidence and optimism.