You want to discover the new places to be? Meeting with M.P.A…

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We met them and we loved them… A young team of CREATIVE and PASSIONATE journalists and instagramers, which spend their day finding for you the perfect “place to be” in Paris or all around the world, all in a unique magazine.

M.P.A is a paper magazine for #FREE distributed every two months in the best DESIGN and LIGESTYLE places, a website and an Instagram account.

If it’s for a cultural event, an unforgettable night in a boho-chic hotel, a candle light dinner between lovers, a cocktail night with friends or a cosmopolitan day as a shopaholic, M.P.A reveals new spots here and elsewhere discovered by a team of passionate INSTAGRAMERS and journalists.

A photographic writing (100% Instagram) issued by a selection of the best French and international influencers.

The first magazine came out in April 2015 and M.P.A has already 1.5 million followers on social media networks. Brooklyn, Milan, Berlin, Los Angeles, Copenhagen… M.P.A travels for you to discover the best places around the world!

Three Parisian places we visited and loved in the new M.P.A N#5


pas chassé


les chouettes


les chouettes

And as we always have good news for you: You can find this fabulous magazine in our stores and concept stores! The perfect opportunity to discover the new spring and summer collection…

Have a nice weekend !

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